Monday, September 29, 2008


Been almost a month now since I went to India for work.

While it was a great experience in terms of my professional career, and despite an incredibly hectic schedule. It was also the furthest I have ever been from home and a chance to see and reflect on the world beyond my rather narrow view of reality.

The biggest thing I noticed to my hometown in suburbia Baltimore after college was the widening of the gap between those well off and those not.

In India this effect is multiplied a thousand fold.

Here is where we stayed.

and from a subsequent drive through rural india...

Those who know me well realize that I am not that dependent on the normal day to day material pieces of life. I can sleep pretty much anywhere in nearly any condition. A house is usually too much. Expensive cars etc. Not really for me.

However it is literally because they are so viable an option for so many here in this country that I have the ability to shy away personally.

This is not too say it is worse.... or better than here. Just very very different. Personally i found the clog of humanity distasteful, but i find that here in a big city as well.

Enough rambling.

The work aspect which was 90% of the time there was quite interesting. Did some measuring work on a very large (several thousand tons per day) air compressor located on a steel plant.

During the deluge of several inches of rain partway through the nite of the 24 hour day, I am lying underneath a monstrous air filter, cowered with 40 other indian laborers escaping the rain at 3:30 in the morning. Quite a time to feel apart.

Just a couple pictures.

Through the scaffolding

Underneath the air "house"

Would go again for work.... but just to see?? Maybe I am a little less adventurous than I expect myself to be.

Friday, September 26, 2008

API nerdom

Been awhile.

More posts to come soon including India, autumn colors in the Dacks and more.

For now just wanted to nerd it up a little and test out putting in a nifty slideshow.

So without further ado here is a set of my best 20 pictures from the summer. Enjoy!

Monday, September 1, 2008

SD -> MD -> SD -> MD -> India

Yes indeed. There has been some traveling of late.

Basically. Drive from Vancouver to South Dakota, 3 days
Climb in south Dakota 1 day
Fly home to visit the fam 2 days
Fly to South Dakota, do job 3 days
Climb at Devils Tower 1 day
Summit of Devils Tower to Elizas Bday party in Baltimore... 48 hours
Fly to India.... today

Not many pictures of note..

Devils Tower

Ft McHenry from an unusual perspective.

More updates from Bangalore... if i have the internets.