Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Week 25 The Rubics Cube Dec 19th

Ah alcohol the most proletariat of drugs.

What else can make a bunch of engineering students/photographers/dancers dress up in a bunch of old clothes then seemingly at random swap those said clothes all night long.

It is really just a party trick gone full scale.... show up in a bunch of clothes that you dont care about too much. And slowly over the course of the nite, you swap with whomever trying to become all one color.... get it? Like a Rubics Cube. Am I back in college??

Truly only photos can attest.

Most of the group... here shown pre-swap and with an abnormally large amount of fake facial hair.

And getting close to our single colors

Ann showing perhaps the most monochrome point in the evening

I cant believe i still fit into my 70s suit!

I vowed not to post anything too embarrassing.... but of course I have to conclude the night with a run around the house.

All in all a lovely time. Ended up crashing at Gregs house (duh) and having a most exciting drive back as the pre Christmas blizzard had just started.

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