Monday, December 14, 2009

Week 17 Tedx October 29th

At DDI human and particularly face scanning has always been a priority of ours. Accurate and believable face capture has maybe a bazillion applications... and I may be under-estimating.

At DDI we are generally hardware agnostic, and human capture has been along those lines. Capturing people the two most important characteristics you look for in a system are speed of capture, and color rendition. We have moved from a system that took 3 seconds to capture and captured .3MP of color. And now we can take a shot in literally the blink of a flash, with 24MP of color that let you zoom further that you could want to. The system was developed in Scotland by our good friends at Dimensional Imaging, and we call our implementation Shapeshot.

With hardware we feel great about we recently attended a technology meetup called TEDX MidAtlantic TEDX is like a Twitter version of a tech conference. Eclectic and knowledgeable speakers give mini-presentations all day long. The result is more a meeting of the minds than a sales conference.

Usually a national event they are starting to do regional versions, which given the intimate format makes a lot of sense.

So we went not to talk, but to showcase some of our scanning technology.. Showcase being the operative word. The crowd here was certainly savy, but savy in 3D scanning not so much. So education was the primary goal here... but not a one way education. Not only was this a great chance for us to educate the tech-intelligentsia on the wonders of 3D scanning, but for us as well to learn about the tech-centered passions of the people we met. These passions would be our next threads on which to apply our 3D scanning.

3D scanning is more of an enabling technology than an end in itself. Hence I know a little about architecture, naval engineering, aerospace, automotive, prosthetics, art enlargement, and historical preservation... to name a few. And this was a great opportunity to meet the people for whom 3D scanning provides the line from which to connect their respective dots.

Overall we scanned 200 people.

More info on the scanning technology and our Shapeshot concept in particular.

Also check out our post at the DDI blog.

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