Friday, October 9, 2009

Week 11 Not too Adventurous, but a lot of fun September 19-20th

Ok a weekend with good friends at a well appointed lodge in Western MD is not particularly high on the adventure scale... but it is a heck of a good time.

Ill keep this one rather brief...

One day of fine food making, including some grilling of tasty sausages and potatoes. Theme of the night... babies! Our good friends Kendall and Mark are expecting in a month or two... as well as Marks cousin. Strange to see so many of my peers in the baby making phase!!! I am imagine myself playing the game of life... driving my car.. my little peg man all alone barely over that little green hill after you get out of college.

Still I imagine my use of metaphors here leaves a couple of the subtleties unspoken.

We finish the night with a nice paddle out on the lake.

Day 2 we travel to Swallow falls... just so i can get some pictures.

Mark posing on top of the falls

Mark contemplating fatherhood

Kendall contemplating motherhood

And of course the obligatory pano

Ok I know this isnt an adventure... I wasnt ever in peril... i didnt push too many boundaries, but sometimes even a loner like me needs some good old fashioned friends with whom to hang out.

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