Thursday, September 10, 2009

Week 9: An eclectic Birthday August 30th

Oh how to write a blog and have no pretty pictures?! Now clearly the few people that read this enjoy my pictures more than my writing... and dont worry... I agree with you! However with so much going on and so many people around... even I couldnt hide behind my lens. Ill do my best not to bore anyone and keep it short and simple.

So Eliza turned 25 this weekend, a place from where she can contemplate either her effortless moves into the working world... living with a crazy man (me)... and general where-with-all..... or... she can have a quarter life crisis. Certainly planning on having a party with 35 people... in our tiny house... from a wide cross section of the people we know... and have our moms meet for the first time would push towards the later. Luckily we had access to Ellie.

Of her many talents, perhaps prepping for a party is her most astonishing. Our house while lovely is shall we say... well lived in. In nigh on 4 hours Ellie had transformed it with flowers, furniture rearrangement, several cheese plates, more dip than you can shake a stick at and beer and wine to intoxicate a roving band of sailors.

With the stage set our guests descended. In an amazing stroke of luck we managed to bring in people from virtually every aspect of our lives. Elizas family friends from when she were young were chatting up friends of mine from elementary school! By some serendipity we managed to bring a group of amazing individuals together by just their connection to ourselves. And it worked!

From Russ' perfect ribs... to every girl cooing over Mark cooing over the baby of the evening.. Otto.... to Harry's eerily good Meatloaf cover. I cant imagine a better celebration or a better bunch of people for Elizas big day. Thanks so much for everyone who attended and made it possible.

Now ill have a month of reprieve until she starts reminding me about her next years birthday!


eliza said...

354 more days until my birthday!

CAF said...

I remember being 25. It was good but involved diapers and bottles, not wine, cheese and friends. Eliza is a fine young lady, a tribute to her family. We are happy to know her.