Sunday, July 26, 2009

Week 2: New Friends and Old Friends July 11-12

It may seem at times that I go on these adventures selfishly. Certainly even to myself I wonder whether i am in this just for myself. This weekends adventure proves the contrary.

Starts as any normal weekend, a trip to the Gunks.

Drive to NYC to meet some of Eliza's college buddies for dinner. 5 minutes of driving through NYC and i am reminded that I like persons... but the general populace on the other hand not too high on my list.

Luckily at dinner I manage to be both friendly and talkative albeit on tequila greased tracks.

The next morning Eliza and I drive to the Gunks to meet up with some older friends for me and new for her. Nathan and Bomber (of Squamish fame) have taken a sojourn up from Asheville to experience some of our Northeast Rock, and brought his girlfriend Nicole to boot.

Bomber seals his place as the second cutest dog in the Universe.

Great day with ascents of Middle Earth (doing the finish which i never have before), Absurdland and Three Pines.

Eliza about to go for a ride on Absurdland

Climbing photo tip: To make a 5.8 look like a 5.13, just get on a rope right next to the climb and shoot away with as wide a lens as you can muster.

Nicole cranking through the crux

Eliza split to go see some friends back in NYC while Nathan and Nicole and I stayed for another day.

Second day Nathan made a nice ascent of Wasp, and then we climbed a combination of Moondance and Sundance at the end of the Trapps.

Nathan at the ledge about to dance.

Of course a note from my closest friend.

Not finished yet I go meet Eliza and her bestie Addie down in Philadelphia. Everyone concurs that Philadelphia is way closer than Kentucky.

The last friend experience of the weekend however was not the kindest, and worst the "gift" kept on giving the whole next week. At final count I had acquired 47 chigger bites from my time in the Gunks.

Moral of the story is just to make sure that the friends you pick are not parasitic, acid-injecting vermin and you will be fine.

50 weeks to go!

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