Friday, July 10, 2009

One Year Later

From May until September of 2008 I took a trip across the country; alone, in a questionable vehicle, and with little plan on where I would be going. 5 months later I returned from the most amazing experience of my life.

The beginning...

The end?

Eliza and I happened to be climbing with Jeff and Monica at Cooper Rock exactly one year from the day i left for my trip. We camped 4 sites from where i camped that first night.

I was overwhelmed by the feeling that while this trip had been amazing. I hadn't redefined myself as i thought I would. But i feel this mountain of potential energy the trip has given me... I just haven't used it yet.

To that end, this year I will do something a little different. I can not justify another 5 month trip so soon. And regardless I must learn to live with the world.

So instead I will make sure I can have an adventure... every week... for a whole year. Maybe I can put some of my experiences to use.

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eliza said...

Love it. I can't wait to join you on many of the adventures, and make you yummy dinner (or breakfast depending on your arrival time) for when you return from the adventures that are too strenuous for my blood.