Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Squamish Summary

Ill add to this when i get some time with the guidebook in front of me, but in climbing terms this was the best 3 weeks of my life.

145 pitches, which at 100 foot average per pitch (which is conservative) gives me almost 3 miles of climbing!

Besides a ton of cragging, which could mean up to 6 pitches itself! I did 5 big routes. In order...

Ultimate Linkup 5.10b 23 pitches - did this as Bottom Line 3P 5.9 to supposedly Banana Peel which is a 8 pitch 5.7 but we simuled, got lost, and did parts of Slab Alley 5.9 before getting back on. Then to Boomstick crack 5.7 2 pitches, all this to get to the Ultimate Everything which is 10 pitches and 10b. Did this with Nathan in about 9 hours.

Angels Crest 5.10c 14 pitches. Climbed this with Jo in like 6 hours! Much more serious than anything else i did. It is hard to get off of, has 5 pitches of 5.10 and feels like a mountain route because of the position. Spectacular!

Rock On -> Squamish Buttress -> Joes Dike 5.10c 15 pitches Rock on destroyed me, but the rest is pretty casual besides the one incredibly hard 10c pitch. Did these first 3 in just 4 days!

Grand Wall 5.11a A0 8-12 pitches.

Re-did Ultimate link up with Jo, Dora and Andrew skipping Bottom Line, but doing Diedre instead.

Besides the climbing, I relearned making friends, hanging out, god forbid socializing. And I actually enjoyed it. The British Columbia license plates say the it is the most beautiful place in the world, and while that may be a bit presumptuous it is also not far off.

Had a little culture shock getting back to the states for sure.
Now I am in South Dakota by the Mt. Rushmore. Pictures to come when i find the huge rock faces.

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