Thursday, August 21, 2008

Puddle Jumpin

Little airplanes are fun, especially in a cross-wind.

Took a brilliant tour of Crazyhorse in preparation for the work I am doing there, andthat evening got the coolest picture I have take this whole trip.

CrazyHorse, lit you at night and with a lightening storm. Cool

Though not as cool, here are a couple of others as well...

Campground lightening

Looks like a lightening man with just his legs and arms below the clouds.

Also since the guy I am working with climbs (perfect!) I got to get the grand tour of the Needles this morning before heading out to catch the plane.

Did Classic Crack 5.8 Not really crack climbing but still nice, and the summits here are always spectacular.

Three Rings for Elven Kinds at 5.9+ was the best route I did here. Face climbing to a rappel off slings around the top of the spire!

Grading is pretty stiff here, and it is a very traditional area, runouts of 40 feet are not uncommon, makes you test the integrity of the little crystals you are pulling on.

Lots more pictures to upload but the internet in airports is pretty much guaranteed to be poor, which it is.


Unknown said...

Sweet pictures. Did you just sit there with your finger on the trigger, or is there some way to automatically take the photo when the lightning flashes?

My fingers are currently torn to shreds from climbing a fairly brutal V3 at the heavily-sandbagged Exposure in Dallas. Good times.

Dominic said...

Actually just set up the camera so a proper exposure would take about 10 seconds of time to properly expose. Then just click and hopefully in those ten seconds there would be lightening. There are about 50 pictures with nothing in it.

Chuck Stone said...

hey dominic, I see that you are back in baltimore(from the pics from Kendall that she put up from saturday). I just wanted to let you know i have been reading your blog since the start of your adventure. I just wanted to say it has been inspiring, now i don't know half of what you talk about when you go into the climbing lingo. But i feel i get the idea.

Anyway the blog has been amazing, it makes me long for the road. Hopefully when i finish my degree in a year, i can do something similar, but without all of the climbing. Though after reading the blog, it does make me interested in giving it a go. The pictures, especially some of the panos are amazing.

Oh and by the way, since you probably won't recognize my name. I'm Chuck, friend of Mark and Kendall, I met you a few times and you saw me last at Thristy Dog, a day or too before you left out of MD. ( I was the big guy).


Dominic said...


Sure i remember!

Good to hear that people outside my immediate zone (mom dad etc.) are reading the blog. It has been fantastic and taking all the cool pictures has been one of the best parts.

Definitely a trip like this is good for evaluating where you are. Recommended for sure.

Thanks again for following along, not quite done yet and i might have some more tricks up my sleeve.

Anonymous said...

Can't find your email but your nephew is having a birthday party at our house this weekend at 12:30.
Can you come?

By the way, meeting I.M.Pei tomorrow in NY.

Your brother.