Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Geometric Living

Before heading back to Park City Eliza and I spent a nite at her place in Evanston. Which has rather interesting architecture!

A nice evening relaxing and cooking up some tasty steaks. Wyoming certainly makes for some pretty sunsets.

Monday we took her brother Brooks climbing in Little Cottonwood Canyon in SLC. While the route we choose (I choose) was techinically pretty easy (5.6) It did not make for an easy experience. Since the route wandered all over the place, it was not a great introduction for Brooks who lowered off after 70 feet or so. Eliza and I continued up for to the top of Pitch 3 and then rapped off. Of course since it was 100 degrees and we were out of water the ropes got stuck. I manually ascended back up the rope and made two raps to get off with no more incidents. But I was parched!

Chocolate milk and dunking my head in the glacier melt river helped to revive me.

After saying goodbye to Eliza for a while, I still had no idea where to go. The desire for less heat is driving the current migration.

Left Salt Lake and just got into Boise.

Going to explore a couple of the nearby venues (Swan Falls Bouldering, and Leslie Gulch) before heading up into Washington to find some cooler temps. May be in Squamish by the end of the week!


eliza said...

Miss you, lamb! Phil-dog got a bit fat while I was away. Uh-oh.

Anonymous said...

So glad Eliza was with you for awhile-brave girl. Beautiful scenery. Keep writing. CAF