Tuesday, June 3, 2008

T-minus 2 hours

It appears as if i am finally going to get my car back today. 4 days in Casper have been interesting. Not too bad of a town, though 4 days is enough.

Have been thinking alot about that you need both the desire and the means to truly be free to do what you want. The desire has never really been an issue for me (though it suprises me how many people just lack the drive to stand on their own two feet)

Not that my 9-5 job was by any means onerous, but it certainly restricts your ability to do things requiring more than a 2 week vacation per year. Just spent 4 days realizing another component, the ability to be where you want to be. Seems obvious but spending 4 days not being able to move more than a mile or two can be sooo frustrating.

Fortunately the light at the end of the tunnel lets me see how valuable lesson this is to learn, rather than just moping about. Queue cliche line about the "journey" being more important than the result. But truthfully all these intermediate steps are partly why i am out here.

Now if this happens again.... then ill be pissed.

Other bits.

Going to go get my redemption at Fremont Canyon the rest of today and tomorrow. Then off to Idaho where i will get April back the rest of her stuff then head into City of Rocks for a few weeks. Going to try and be more stationary for awhile as i might just diesel around so as not to provoke the clearly angry veggie gods.

I dont think the injection pump has a core charge so i am going to see if i can get the old pump back from the guy and rebuild it at my leisure. Its the last big mystery in my car so i think i should know it better. Down side is that i think that 8 inch cube piece of metal has more parts and is more complicated than the entire rest of my car.

Would reccomend Eggingtons in DT casper (free WIFI!) a nice place to end my stay here.

Lastly here is a little tribute to the Yellowstone Motel where i spent the last few days. Couldnt quite capture the true nature of this place but i hope you get theidea. If i could sum it up i would say it feels like old grandmas. Smoky ones.

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