Friday, June 6, 2008

Scout Mtn.

I have been trying to get to Idaho for so long now. Not only this last week and a half, but for a long time planning this trip, and even back a year ago when Laura and I first dreamed up a trip to City of Rocks.

Now I am not much of a guy who is always focused on the end goal, but I wouldnt be telling the truth that I was a little giddy and a lot relieved when I crossed the border from Wyoming.

Spent the night in Pocatello, actually went out and drank some beer. Pitchers were 4 dollars! I would pay more than that for a single glass back in MD. Luckily though we are only 30 miles from the Utah border, they dont require the beer to be 3.2%

Since April and her working buddy Laura wanted to get away for the weekend. I decided to hang around Pocatello for a day or two rather than making the drive twice.

Did a great hike on Thursday, Scout Mountain only 10 miles South of Pocatello. Was one of the highest in the group of mountains called the Bannock Range. Plus looking at the topo it was my kind of hike. Only 9 tenths of a miles to the summit with 2100 feet of elevation gain.

Only ugly part was the first 300 feet or so of elevation getting out of the brushy bits. Then long clean steep slopes up towards the summit cliffs. Trying to decide whether I wanted to go left or right around the summit block, but as I got closer found a 3rd-4th class route directly up the center of the face.

Put me on a nice summit diminished only by the ORV trail and the weather station at the other end of the summit ridge. View of the rest of the range and downtown Pocatello.

Had a fun little glissade on the northern slopes on the remainder of the snow, and back into the north saddle and back at the car only 25 minutes after leaving the summit.

Pictures as soon as i dig out my camera and transfer them to Lappy 486

Just a placehlder image for when i find those images

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