Monday, June 16, 2008

City of Rocks Overview

Ill briefly give an overview of where I have been the last couple days, then a day by day of what went down.

Sorry this will likely be rather long as I have been here for awhile, not a ton of pictures either as carrying a camera in addition to 2 ropes and a rack is rather taxing. Not to mention that rope soloing is just a lot of work and there isnt as much down time as there is when climbing with a partner.

So why spend weeks at City of Rocks? There are a ton of destination areas out west that I could have chosen, but I am glad I choose correctly. Lets look at it briefly.

It is one of the most beautiful places I have ever been. A high desert valley, with 100s of rock formations dotting the landscape. I would seriously recommend that anyone (not just climbers) come visit this place if they happen to be within two hours or so. Ha! There is nothing within two hours of here except Almo which is a sweet little town with three stores.

The climbing is absolutely spectacular. Cracks, sport leads, bouldering, longer routes, bold trad, spires, huecos, friction. There is everything for everyone. And for me the formations lend themselves to rope soloing and or Top Rope soloing as they are usually pretty short with anchors on top. Though most everyone else here looks at me funny for rope soloing so much, its actually a pretty reasonable thing to do here.

Top of theater of shadows 4 pitch 5.7

The camping is either hugely spaced out sites among the rocks, with pretty much instant access to the rocks. This option I didnt take because though reasonable at 12 dollars are a nite, wasnt in my budget if I was going to be here for weeks on end. However there is BLM land only 3 miles with camping just as nice, if not quite as close, as the main area. I have had a nice site with a pretty tree for quite some time now.

The scene is exceptional. Despite my inherit skepticism concerning most climbers, nearly everyone I have met has been friendly and laid back. A welcome change from the Gunks or Rumney.

Ok here it is day by day. Not to bore you but I want to be able to remember everything as well.

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