Monday, May 26, 2008

Mountain Time Zone

No troubles with the tornado though it did provide some interesting pictures. It looked like the clouds were layered, very interesting. Seemed to pass about 20 miles south of us as we left Kansas

Got to Colorado and met up with Aprils' brothers at Meredith lake. Good times.

Now am hanging out in Colorado Springs. Did a little bouldering today near NORAD but mostly just decompressing from the drive. Likely to spend another day here before we head north and then west to idaho.

Might have a contact to finally get some oil up in the mountains.

Speaking of the car. Here is the daily litany of issues.

The coolant issues seems to be better. I am still topping it off in the mornings, but less and less each day. My hypothesis is that i lost alot more coolant than i thought and also made alot of air bubbles when i did the radiator hose repair. Now i am slowly working those out as i drive.

Fuel Enema

Driving through KS i noticed that we had only gotten 100 miles on the first quarter tank. And i usually get near to 175. Made April pull over and sure enough i was leaking fuel from the common return line. I had spliced together two hoses (the one from the 6 way switch is 5/16 while the barb on the return tower on the IP is 6mm. The plastic splice i was using was leaking, so i duct taped it and tightened the connection and managed to get to CO with minimal leakage. Today I made a real barb from a bunch of plumbing fittings (the two hose barbs and a union) tomorrow will see how that does, but likely much better.

The mysterious noise under the drivers side engine.

This has been happening for a while and so i wasnt too worried about it. Thought it was some old exhaust hangers making the exhaust rattle when i went over a bump. Finally figured out it had to be brake related as i could make it cease if i lightly press the brake over a bump. Still wasnt worried. When i got to CO springs, and went a little ways on a dirt road to a bouldering spot. on the way back it got way worse. Finally took the wheel off (man do i miss Seans car jack. almost might be worth the 100 punds) and check out the caliper. See the pictures of the wear on both the caliper and the inside of the wheel. Apparently the whole caliper was completely free floating and at least marginally floating for some time. Held in by two bolts ... NEITHER of which were there when i took the wheel off. Managed to find some at the local ace hardware, which has a far superior hardware section than home depot btw. should be all fixed up now. Will report later.

Still waiting for the day with no issues. Luckily has been small stuff i can fix along the way. Cant wait to report the day after i trip over the mountains.

Tomorrow is the first day i really have off from work. Still feels like a weekend trip. Maybe ill bust out some Imageware tomorrow.

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