Thursday, May 8, 2008

First Post! and VeggieVW update

My subtle attempt at connecting with the world. As many have guessed I have uprooted myself from day to day life and am about to take a little trip out West to go climbing, adventuring, and *gasp* learn something about myself.

As you may kn0w I have recently bought myself a truly amazing piece of machinery.

This beauty is a 1985 Volkswagen Golf. 1.6L diesel powerplant. Automatic nothing. In fact the only piece of electronics required to keep the thing running after it is started is a fuel solenoid. No ignition timing, no engine computer nothing. Just your foot and an acceleration cable.

Wasnt running when i found it being neglected in Southern PA, but after a full rebuild, and basically replacing everything imaginable on the car its in tip top road-tripping shape.

Now the diesel part is where it gets interesting. Otto never thought that his engine would run off of fossil fuel. Instead it was going to run off of Vegetable Oil. The fall of fossil fuel prices gave rise to our current dino based mobile fuel technology.

Going on a cross country roadtrip with 4.50 diesel seems particularly insane, despite getting near 50 mpg (i do only have 52hp) However i have reverted back to the 1890s and will soon be motoring about on vegetable oil.

Waste vegetable oil to be specific, as in the stuff behind those greasy restaurants. If you know me, it is to know that i have no qualms living off the waste of our society.

I am supposedly an engineer so instead of buying the kit and installing in a week or so. I have designed, built, and cursed my way through doing this myself. Result, 4 months and im not even done yet. In any case here are some progress pictures.

Here is an overview diagram. Ill explain it later in depth but interesting nonetheless.

This is the engine compartment, not much worthy of note here just standard fair. Can barely see the hotbox and the heated fuel filter on the passeneger side.

HotBox (my front heat exchanger) with 6 way switch on top (thanks Ford) and the two fuel filters. The right is off a mercedes 300D and will help preserve all that heat ive gone through the trouble of adding.

Heat Exchanger for the tank. Enough to get the sludge moving and up through to the main HE and the engine.

Sweet baby Jesus! I actually bought a new part to put in this thing. A Walbro low pressure fuel pump. Runs off 12 V and should be just enough to get the fuel moving. Mostly to help out my injection pump which is already working triple duty. Also has a 18 inch dry draw so i can use it to prime the system on those days of catastophic failure.

The beast (with HE inside) 25 gallons. And it only weighs 100 pounds. Good thing i got new rear struts. Custom reversed engineering using some technology from work (thanks guys)

Lastly on the in process stuff my cool new Coolant isolation system. Just in case the hot box or anything else in the Veg system springs a leak i can switch back to the german engineering and thusly much more reliable system that came with the car.

Ok Thanks for bearing with me. Hopefully be back with some updates soon. Only 2 weeks till blast off!

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Unknown said...

Badass. When I eventually get my 1974 Carrera RS 3.0, I'm calling you to help me rebuild the engine.