Friday, May 30, 2008

Death of an Injection Pump

Diesels are slightly different from gas engines, they work be compression, not spark ignition, and as such the fuel delivery method is different. Whereas a gas engine has spark plugs, and a distributor (or electronic fuel injection) a diesel has something called an Injection Pump. It is both the heart and brain of the engine. It acts as a lift pump to draw the fuel from the tank, (heart) it also compresses the fuel to hugely high pressures and delivers it to the proper cylinder. (brain). and all of this it does mechanically!

I am pretty sure mine has died. Here is the diagnosis.

Driving north from ft. collins to fremont canyon near casper WY. Not much power when running on Veggie oil. Thought it might be the wind.or the veggie fuel pump not delivering enough power. Switching back to diesel brought the power back.

Sort of felt like it wasnt getting enough fuel, especially on uphills it would sometimes hesitate like it was gulping for air (well for fue and getting air is more like it apparently)

Managed to get it to Fremont Canyon and camp Didnt think anything was terribly wrong. Just needed to run on diesel for a while and figure out the veggie later. Was pretty low on diesel , but definitely had the 10miles to get into Alcova and fill up.

In just a couple hundred feet it died on diesel in the morning. Switched to veggie oil, managed to go another .25 miles. died. Will turn over but not catch.

Thought we were out of fuel (diesel) and it didnt like the veggie oil without heating up. April went with a nice older guy (Mike) and got some diesel. There was defineitly a lot of air in the veggie lines cause i manually pumped it for a few minutes before it came out.

Managed to get the veggie out and the diesel to be the fuel going into the pump. But cracking the lines to the injectors and getting nothing. Getting closer here as i was getting fuel to the pump but not out of it. Both the return and the solenoid would spew fuel if you cranked it. Means that the low pressure side of the pump is delivering fuel, but its not spitting out the high pressure fuel to the engine. Has to be the problem.

Waiting for a tow truck now, guess ill have to take it to a diesel mechanic in Casper and get the pump replaced and put an end to the veggie story for now and just go on diesel. The repair might be a grand. I dont htink i have the tools to do it myself.

April has gone to Casper and is catching a bus to pocatello. Too much adventure for her. Yet to see if it is too much for me. More to come im sure.


Unknown said...

Fucking doh.

Dominic said...

Think I went 2200 miles though before it broke, so at least i beat most of the bets I think.

Unknown said...

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