Sunday, May 18, 2008

Current Status

Ok I look to have run out of time, but i seem to have enough things running to get myself started.

-The fuse issue seems like it was happening because the fuel pump was running dry, and when it clicked over was drawing way more current now that it is running veggie oil. It uses the pumping fluid as the lubricant as well. No more problems there.

-The coolant temp light kept going off, which seems to be fixed... I re-routed the hoses so that the flow goes like this Head -> Heater Core -> HotBox -> Tank -> Water Pump -> Engine rather than like i had originally designed as being Head -> Hotbox -> Heater Core-> Tank -> Water Pump -> Engine. the difference seems small but it did two things. One it allowed the hoses to be lower (they need to be lwoer than the coolant reservoir. Also the restriction through the core seems to help keep the level a little more constant, before when you revved the engine the coolant level would drop 3 inches. Yikes. This was exposing the temp sensor to engine exhaust which is marginally hot.

- got the tank buttoned up

- lots more insulation

-electronics seem to be working great

-aforementioned shelf is money.

-using an old compy battery backup as my inverter. hardwired the cables that usually go to the battery (12V) to my back battery. instant 700W inverter.

hopefully someone will let me have some oil.

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Unknown said...

Nice use of a busted UPS. I've had a couple of those things lying around (all gone now) and could never figure out what to do with them.